Sell More Of YOUR

by Sandy Barris

Sell More of Your Products, Services and Idea has been written for entrepreneurs, business owners and professional practices that are gutsy enough to think out of the box, and take their business to the next level.


I wrote Sell More Of Your for several reasons: As a graphic designer since 1978, and owner of Business Graphic Service since 1988, I have created various marketing materials for my clients. Many clients kept ask me “can you help me market my business more profitably because I’m frustrated because my marketing is not working as well as I expect.”

As a result of those many requests, I became a student of marketing, studying, listening to tapes, attending many seminars, talking to experts and absorbing anything and everything about selling, marketing and business. In short, I didn’t want to let any of my clients down and ended up helping them grow their businesses.

As I met with clients, suppliers and experts, I always wrote everything onto 3×5 x 5×7 index cards. Business ideas, marketing ideas, selling ideas and anything that came to mind that could help a client make more money.

Then, when I moved to a home in 1991, my cards were packed away and forgotten about. Then, about 17 months ago, my wife, Amy and I were going through some of the boxes and discovered all the 3×5 x 5×7 cards. Amy suggested that I either, take them to my office, or “just do something with them.”

A few day later, I had friends was over, and one friend saw my cards and started reading them. He was shocked with what was written and said that I must do something with them. So, over the next 12 months, I read each card, again taking notes and expanding on the original thoughts and ideas all eventually leading to the creation of Sell More of Your Products, Services and Ideas.

Meanwhile, I also interviewed many experts, read hundreds of books, attended seminars and continued compiling all these ideas in my new book, all to help to save you thousands of hours and dollars.

Sell More of Your Products, Services and Ideas shares many business, selling and marketing ideas to help owners get more business quickly and with low-costs.

These ideas revealed are compiled from all of personal experience of helping and learning from many clients. Testing many ideas, learning what works and more important—what doesn’t work.

For the small investment of only $19.97, each idea promises to help make you or save you a tone of time and money. Each idea is 100% guaranteed to help you, or return this book and I will send your money back to you.

Credentials. 26 years of personal hands on experience helping manufactures, retailers, professional services, municipalities, services businesses and many, others attract new clients, while increasing sales to their existing clients.

Attended Center For Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, for 2 years, but tuition was very high and my family couldn’t afford it.

Got married, had four kids and went back to school and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Lawrence Institute of Technology.

Hired as a keyliner at Yaffe, Stone & August, 1976-1978.
Hired as an afternoon shift graphic designer/illustrator at Williams International and stayed there for 9.5 years while always working as a freelance designer/illustrator for many clients during the day.

July 1988, Friday 3:30pm, I was laid off from Williams International along with 200 other people and given a months severance pay and wished well.

Monday morning woke up and started my first business, Central Graphic Services, Inc. One-year later partnered with White Reproductions as the graphic and Linotronic output unit.

Two Years later went out on my own again as Business Graphic Services, operating the subsidiaries Trial Graphics and Industrial Graphics. In 2003 started a third subsidiary Business Marketing Services, which has been helping hundreds of business owner since it’s inception.

What makes Sell More of Your Products, Services and Ideas unique compared to the thousands of other book on marketing? Being a small business owner, and having many small business clients. I have learned many of the problems they run into marketing their business. I have been there and understand exactly what issues the run into.

Many of the advertising agencies do not understand how to market with smaller budgets, and many times are too busy to even talk to smaller business owners.

Reality is, a big portion of the other books on the market are written by top executives, marketing gurus and experts who have not sat down and talked to small business owner about what keeps them up at night. Many are a textbook presentation and are hard to read and absorb.

Jay Conrad Levinson; author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books recently reviewed my book and said. “I Love It. Sandy Barris tells you the things you’ve just got to know if you’re serious about success in business. His ‘Sell More Of Your’ ideas are priceless. And his writing style is painless. Do yourself a huge favor and read this before your competitors do.”

Truthfully, businesses need help discovering what it is they are actually offering and what makes them different or better. Quite often, they are frustrated because many of their marketing efforts are not paying for themselves. Many do not know the simple methods of tracking and measuring marketing results to determine which of their efforts are working and which are not.

And even more important, if their marketing efforts are working, many times they don’t know how or where to expand their successful effort.

The marketing ideas included in Sell More of Your Products, Services and Ideas will help business owners think more like a marketing experts. Guiding them with many, simple, low-cost ways to make more money.

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Contact information:
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Business Marketing Services
Phone: 248-335-8080

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