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Who Will Buy Your Professional Services?

Discover exactly who will want to buy your professional services.
What the perfect future client will be. How to get to your perfect future client. And, a few simple marketing strategies and tactics and why the CXO can be your biggest help.

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Who Else Wants Three Revealing Tips To Writing A Profitable Ad?

Three Revealing Tips To Writing A Profitable Ad? Are you frustrated because your ads are not getting the response you thought they deserved? Here are three tips that are 100% guaranteed to help you improve any ad. Tip One: Write a powerful headline that stops your reader dead in their tracks. Get them say to […]

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Secret No. 20: Why Bother Training Employees?

Do you have rules and procedures that your employees are trained to follow consistently? Are your employees tracking every phone call and treating each call as a sales opportunity? If your business is like many other, you probably don’t know the answers to these important questions. The following secret is a great technique to find […]

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