What Are Your Limits?

Can you name anything in life that has no limits? I didn’t think so. That’s exactly why all your marketing efforts should have some type of expiration date. A limited offer will “out-pull” and “out-sell” an open-ended offer almost every time. When you do test  a “limited offer,” you will need to explain to your […]

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7 Questions To Ask Before Writing Your Marketing Plan

Discover 7 simple questions to ask to help speed up creating your next marketing plan. The what, where, when, who and how you’ll want to know before you start your marketing plan.

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Who Else Wants Three Revealing Tips To Writing A Profitable Ad?

Three Revealing Tips To Writing A Profitable Ad? Are you frustrated because your ads are not getting the response you thought they deserved? Here are three tips that are 100% guaranteed to help you improve any ad. Tip One: Write a powerful headline that stops your reader dead in their tracks. Get them say to […]

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